Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is the funnest thing we've ever done in this house

We bought some skeletons go put on the house for Halloween.  Our neighbors were gone for us to borrow their huge ladder, so the big boys begged and pleaded to climb out the window onto the "fake" balcony.  I finally gave in and they got right on task; after playing around a bit exploring the new cool place and asking if they could sleep there some night?  What??  NO!  Before long, all six kids were out there taking their turns, posing like they were scared of the skeletons, pretending they were in jail, and scaring me that they were "falling" over.  Not me.  They think it's awesome.

Anyway, just as the little kids were put back into the window, A and G both said, "This is the funnest thing we've ever done in this house!"  They can't wait for the whole Christmas light thing so that they can climb out again.

I don't know about that.  They've done some pretty crazy and fun things here, but it's times like this that memories are made and it makes me happy.  :)

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