Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A suit and some boots

I took A to Savers last night to look for a homecoming suit.  We headed straight for the shoes hoping to find a great pair of black leather size 14 men's shoes.  We found one shoe but not the other.  Someone must have stashed the other one for another day.  While there, we had to look at the boots.  You know, just in case.  :) I told A to get that pair.  He then asked, "Are they Lucchese?"  We're boot experts around her after my last boot purchase at Savers.  haha  Remember those boots for around $9 that ended up being around $500 boots?  Well, we thought we read, Lucchese inside the boots but we really couldn't tell.  Thinking they were pretty cool boots and just my size, I carried them around the store.

We headed over to the suits.  A was quite the good sport.  He said, "I feel rich when I shop at Banana Republic.  I feel poor shopping here."  I giggled.  I pulled out three suits that looked pretty nice.  He was a typical boy and asked if he had to try them on.  With him being almost 6'3", 32 inch waist and 36 inseam, I told him, "Yes!  You have to try them on.  That's why I brought you."  He took them in the dressing room and tried one suit on at a time.  He was particularly funny when I tried to lift his shirt to see how the waist fit.  He's rather modest!!  I thought each time I opened the door, I would be looking at an ornery teenager.  But, he was really cute striking funny poses each time.  It was a lot of fun.  He was a lot of fun.  We decided on the cheaper suit.  He's very frugal.  He then said, "Let's get this one and then we can just get another one for my mission."  Makes me wonder what he was implying there.  :)

While A was trying on his suits, I looked in the other boot and there it was as plain as day, Lucchese.  Excitedly I told A through the door that they were in fact Lucchese boots.  Could we really be that lucky again?

So, A walked out of the store with an $8.99 suit and I walked out with $14.99 Lucchese boots.  Happy day.  Once we got home, we looked up my boots online.  The exact boots run for $326.00.  Isn't that awesome??

I spent the day working on A's suit and got it ready to go for Saturday.  I'll pick it up at the cleaners tomorrow night.  He's going to look so handsome in his new suit for homecoming and his mission.  It looks that good.  Now, if I can get A to ask his date what color of dress she's wearing.  lol

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Erika said...

Sounds like a fun time with A! I too wonder about his mission implications! And score on those boots! That's like this rocking chair I have. I bought it when Q was born for like $50 on Craigslist. I don't really need it anymore and thought of selling it. I noticed it had a name and number on the bottom and googled it, only to find out it's worth a few hundred dollars or so! Crazy! So now what do I do with it?! :)