Saturday, October 20, 2012

My senior

My sister-in-law from Yellow Pear took some pictures of A today.  It was hilarious.  The kid doesn't smile because he's too busy doing a hundred dorky faces.  She said it best when she said, "A, you have an elastic face."  Truly, his face gestures move constantly.

With him being a senior, we had a really hard time getting any good smiles, then I really thought about it, the situation, the child, and knew exactly what would get this kid smiling.  Or at least cooperating.  

And the picture that I asked my sister-in-law if it was okay to think my son was really handsome?

Although pulling out the dollar bill worked and I was waving it while giggling a lot of the time, I enjoyed my time with A.  He has grown a lot this year.  Well, yes, he is 6'3" now, but he has grown so much as a person and I have had so much fun with him.  He is so funny, he has been a huge help, he's becoming independent, he has been a joy.  All blessings of having a missionary out right now.  Thank you C.

I love you A.  It's hard to believe that you're my senior and that you'll be heading off to school next year.  I know you'll be okay.  I know I'll be okay.

Thanks E.  You captured him perfectly.  Makes me happy.  :)

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