Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trunk or Treat

For some reason I just wasn't really into the whole costume thing this year.  And.... my kids said that they never get to choose what they are so I let them this year.  Sort of.  :)

I'm exhausted.  We're home from Trunk or Treat, the kids have done their annual candy trade, we've watched Survivor and I'm ready to collapse into bed.  All I have done today is costumes.  Do you know what you can do with Duck Tape?  It's awesome.

This years costumes:

A, a red guy.  We spotted the outfit at Savers while looking for his Homecoming suit.  It was $35.  We opted out from buying it.  I found his red one at Goodwill this week for $3.99.  He was ecstatic about it.  It's really funny watching a string bean of a tall teenager dart across the down stairs.  Totally glad the whole Where's Waldo thing didn't pan out.

I tried and tried and tried to convince G and every other boy to be Elliott from E.T.  I lost.  One glance at A's red outfit and he wanted one.  So, I saw one at Walmart for $20 and knew it was a good investment not only for Halloween but for future family reunions, etc.  He was thrilled with it.  We did have to pin a lot of the  outfit around his midsection since it was for a tall person.

J wanted to be Captain America.  I cringed when I heard that.  Not one of the four zillion Captain Americas running around on Halloween night!!  But, when I saw the outfit for $2.99 at Goodwill, I couldn't rationalize it anymore.  J was thrilled, and then informed me that he needed a mask, and a shield and boots.  What??  So, the $2.99 suit turned into a $8 mask, a $1.99 plastic platter plus paint for a shield, and about $5 worth of Duck Tape for those awesome boots.  Did you see those things?  Made me happy that he was happy.  And.....he was the only Captain America tonight.

 little g wanted to be the Cat in the Hat.  What??  You thought I cringed when J wanted to be Captain America?  I almost threw up in my mouth when I heard that little g wanted to be the Cat in the Hat.  But, I decided I would let the kids be what they wanted.  I found one of those cheapy Star Wars outfits at the Goodwill for $4.99 and thought I could make a cat outfit from it.  I bought some white and black fabric for the tummy and tail, $1.50 white gloves, and $3.74 for Duck Tape to make the hat.  He thought it was wonderful.

I found B's Flamenco Dancer outfit at Target last year for about $2.  Couldn't pass that up.

Nor could I pass up the Cleopatra outfit on the same Target clearance aisle last year.  So, S was the $2 Cleopatra with a $4 wig from Savers.

And then there is this guy, with those teeth.  He's tried to get a kiss from me for years.  Still not happening.  I can look at him now though.  :)

Tis the season to be hunting......somewhere else!  I couldn't wait to show off my buck I found at the Salvation Army back in February for $16.  I was determined to be a hunter.  I checked out a few places for some cammies and then while heading out of the Salvation Army one day, I spotted the most beautiful pair of hunting pants ever.  They were a $4 pair of orange camouflage overalls.  The rest is history.

So much fun tonight.  So much fun seeing my kids happy and seeing them appreciate the little but tedious things I do for them.  Makes me feel like a good mom.  Happy Halloween!


Angelie said...

looking good in your outfit! You're such a fun mom! Love it!

Erika said...

I do NOT know how I missed this. Seriously!! I've been watching for it and thought I looked thoroughly. Goodness! Everyone looks great. Love the red and blue guys. Awesome! And the red boots!!