Saturday, October 27, 2012

I miss him today

Today I long for my missionary.  It's his birthday and he's turning 20 years old.  I know he is where he should be, but right now I just wish he was rolled up in his blankets in his old bedroom off of the kitchen.  I wish I was making breakfast burritos and whisking up some orange juice to take in to him for his annual Birthday Breakfast in Bed.  Not only does it not seem like his birthday, but I'm sad about it.  I miss him today.  I want to take he and the kids out for lunch, make him Burek for dinner, make and then serve him a huge piece of Sister Makanoa's Cake, sing out at the top of my lungs from the kitchen while a favorite rendition of "Happy Birthday To You" blares from the iPod dock, and watch the little kids one by one hand him their presents.  That would be perfect.

But, today he is in Mexico on a long bus ride to and from Guadalajara. I don't know if he got my birthday package.  I don't think there is a birthday cake for him and I know that no one there knows what Burek is.  He and his companion will be going to the Guadalajara temple today to see a couple or family get sealed.  I know he loves the temple as much as I do, so I think that is where I'll go today to celebrate C's birthday.  Perhaps that will be perfect.

I love you C.  Happy Birthday sweetie.  Sending big, big hugs!

Love, Mom

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brian and amanda said...

awww! before you know it, he will be home. i bet he is just a wonderful missionary!