Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanksgiving dinner

I sent C his Thanksgiving dinner for two today.  I'm just crossing my fingers that he'll get it by then.  I stuffed that envelope like a puzzle making sure I included all that I bought for him.  Even the post office lady was shocked to hear what I had in there after reporting it all on my customs paper.  Here is what I sent him...

1.  A turkey hat.  Seriously.  Just like the one we wore last year in the 5K.  Hopefully it will make him smile and think of me.
2.  A bag of stuffing taken out of the box and hand written directions on the bag.
3.  One turkey gravy packet.
4.  Two packages of dried instant potatoes.
5.  One package of chicken breast.
6.  Package of twelve mini tart shells.
7.  One package of instant chocolate pudding to put in his pie shells.
8.  One package of dried milk for his pudding in case he doesn't have milk.
9.  One package of Extra Apple Pie gum.

Makes me happy.  Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!

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