Saturday, December 15, 2012

Band, Orchestra, Recitals oh my

It's been the week.  You know?  The week where everyone thinks it's the half year mark so we must have parties, concerts, recitals, and all that stuff because December isn't busy enough.  I want December busy, I just want it busy with things centered around the birth of our Savior.

Anyway, Tuesday was G's band concert.  Wednesday was J's orchestra concert.  Thursday we had a piano recital for both of them.  After the third night in a row, the little kids were done.  little g was doing huge *sighs* throughout it, while B kept announcing how "bored" she was.  I on the other hand, was kind of like, play the songs and let's get out of here.

The boys had thrown on their church clothes and the rest of us just kind of showed up as we were.  We walked in only to find other little girls wearing their sparkly holiday dresses purchased you know dang well for the recital while striking poses on the piano bench.  I knew right then that we would be miss fits.  Haha.  Actually, I knew we would before then.  I told the kids that they weren't to eat any refreshements or treats afterwards because I wasn't donating anything to the cause.  Haha  I kind of have an evil laugh right now.  Anyway, we were supposed to bring a "treat to share" to the recital.  I got all "rebelious" and didn't take anything because my $50 fee was supposed to go to recitals, recital sheet music, lesson treats, etc.  In the year that my kids have taken lessons from her, they have received seven dollars worth of treats.  The recital was in a free location, the kids were handed copies of music to play and I wasn't going to bring treats that I paid her to make or purchase.  So there!  Hahaha

So, after the last song ended, we dashed out of there after I got a token picture with the teacher.  The little kids were asking why they couldn't have any treats.  Oh my heck, I'm giggling my head off.  I'm not sure if I'm a brat or rebellious.  It's just funny to me.

We got home and D made his request that the boys memorize their songs next time.  I was like, ya ya.  But, it's all good and I'll insist they have them memorized.  If D thinks it's a good idea and will help them be successful some day, then I'll stand behind him on that one.  And, the piano hasn't been touched since that night.  It's awesome around here.  :)  We have been to two ward parties, a missionary open house, two doctor visits, a lab, lax practice and Filipino shopping so I guess it's all good.

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