Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sleeping in the doll house

It's really raining outside.  A loving the rain, asked me if he could sleep out there.  I told him that he could sleep in the doll house.  He was ecstatic.  Next thing I knew, he and G were loading up there arms with blankets, cots and fold up matresses.  I went out there awhile later to get a picture.  A asked me if I was trying to scare him to death.  He thought I was someone trying to get in to "murder them".  Although it was funny I really did feel bad that I had scared them.  I warned them that my camera was totally dead and that I would be returning in a few minutes to get a picture and to not be alarmed.  When I got back out there again and saw the pictures, I was shocked that they actually fit in there with plenty of room.  They are so funny.  Good luck sleeping tonight with the rain beating down.  :)

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