Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa at Bass Pro Shop

We headed out to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa Claus with the three little kids.  B had fun riding on the different quads.

S really wanted to see the "donkey" and wondered if it was real.

Santa was really cute with the kids.  And do you see those reindeer?  I thought I loved my elk/caribou thingy, but those are awesome!

D looks good with a gun in his hands.  First one I've ever seen him hold.  Until the holidays....and then we're all going shooting for real.  

B is into this whole salute thing.  It's an inside joke in our family right now.  The big boys all stood and saluted the girls as they came down the stairs a few weeks ago.  They told the girls to say, "At ease."  At which point, the boys stopped saluting.  The girls thought it was great.  B thinks the snowman is saluting.  haha

S was thrilled seeing the mermaid in the aquarium.  So much so that she turned around with a smirk and said, "See, I told you Mermaids were real!"

And the coolest part of the night.  Well, one of them.  M Hartmann and his family were there too!  How awesome is that?  Made me so happy.

Afterwards, we were driving out and saw a sign for Taco Time.  We drove over to see if it was just the old sign since it was supposedly out of business.  There it was !!  Taco Time right here.  But that's not all.  They sell Taco Time Sauce for $1.99 a bottle!  Did you get that?  That's a savings of $1.69 a bottle compared to Utah.  Score.  Bought every bottle they had.  haha

Or should I say, Ho ho ho!!  Merry Christmas everybody!

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