Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30, 1980

I'm going through the bookcases in my bedroom and purging all kinds of things.  I'm going through the "scrapbook" pile and finding some fun things like my school diary from 2nd grade.  I looked up today's date and it said,

"Wednesday, Jan. 30, 1980.  A snow day!  A lot of our people have had the flu.  Wendy F. is our Lovely Queen today.  We played a fun game for our activity yesterday.  It snowed."

I remember that day actually.  Her favorite color was purple.  I couldn't wait for it to be my turn to be queen for the day.

I thumbed through the pages and smiled remembering different classmates I had written about.  Justin M. was the "good looking" king one day.  He really was.  I had a crush on him for like three years.

I read of Natalie H's birthday party to "Hawaii".  I remember that party and how cool it was.  We sat on the stairs leading down to their basement pretending we were on our flight to Hawaii.  We were given a drink and a snack.  Once arriving her brothers gave us each a lei and I was scared out of my mind thinking they might kiss me on the cheek like they did on Fantasy Island.  It was a slumber party and I remember laying our sleeping bags next to each other and giggling until we went to sleep.

I read on the date of October 3, 1979 that I had broken my leg the day before.  I had broken it during recess and another teacher carried me into the school to call my mom.  I returned to school the next day sporting a cast all the way up my leg and crutches.  Friends greeted me with gifts and I remember feeling so loved.  I loved those crutches and got to be really fast on them racing my friends around the playground when we had to do our lap.

On December 20th I wrote, "Yesterday we wrote letters to the American hostages in Iran.  We wanted them to know we were concerned about them."  I LOVE that!

And one of my favorite entries....

"Today is Wednesday September 5.  Last week-end was the I. County Fair.  We had a good time on our vacation.  I went to the fair."  Makes me laugh so hard since the fair was twenty six miles away and I considered it a vacation.  We just didn't go out like we do now.  :)

I'm wondering what my own little g as a second grader wrote in his own school diary today, dating Wednesday, January 30, 2013.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE reading back in old journals!! i started my journal in the 8th grad {and have kept up writing in one since} i wish i would have done one back on the second grade.

what cute, sweet journal entries!