Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lucky to be in LOVE

We had our couples Valentine party last night.  It was so much fun and I laughed so much that my cheeks hurt at the end of the night.  We ate dinner, took silly pictures with props, and played some clean adult games.  

What games did we do this year?  

The Not So Newlywed Game:

1.  What song would your wife want you to dedicate to her and then sing in her ear while dancing?
2.  What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for your wife?
3.  What is the last movie you went to see together?
4.  What is your husband's favorite breakfast?
5.  What is your favorite vacation you've been on together?
6.  What is your wife's favorite movie?
7.  What is your/their love language?
     a.  Words of Affirmation
     b.  Quality Time
     c.  Receiving Gifts
     d.  Acts of Service
     e.  Physical Touch 
8.  What do you find most attractive about your spouse?

Draw a picture of the setting with one descriptive word for when you first saw your wife:
After the men drew their pictures, they met up with us wives and we passed around the pictures until we recognized ours.  Then, the husbands elaborated on the pictures.  Some of the descriptive words; whoa, young, talented, beautiful, wow, obnoxious.  

Stuck On You:
We had the men in a line on one side of the room facing their wives on the other side of the room.  Everyone had five stick on Velcros to place on themselves.  One on each arm, one on the torso and one on each leg.  Then we got all the couples together and on the word "go" they had to match up all their Velcros without using their hands.  It was hard keeping our balance while waiting for our pictures so everyone was holding on really tight.  This was fun.  Pictures don't lie.  :)

And as I'm explaining the Velcro game to everyone, something SO innocent yet SO bad came out of my mouth.  I was horrified while everyone was laughing their heads off.  It seriously was so funny and I'm sure it will be talked about for a very long time.  If you ever play this game, which you should because it's hysterical, ask my how to phrase this game.  You need to be careful.  :)

Music Box Dancers:
Every couple was given a piece of poster paper to stand on.  When the music started, they had to dance within the lines of their paper.  On the next song, they had to fold the paper in half.  The next song, they folded the paper in half once again.  I think we made it to three folds, and that was with a lot of cheating and laughing.  We had to get really creative on how to stay on our paper.  

D's brother and his wife were really good.  They were doing the swing down to the very last fold.  We all watched while oohing and ahhing at them.

I love doing this party and we really try to find or make up games that couples do together.  Team games are always played, but I feel like it's more fun for Valentine's Day to play couples games.  Sure way to send them all home ready to kiss the night away.  Plus, we sent them home with lip glosses that have complimentary flavors like cinnamon/vanilla or cherry/lime.  That has to help some.  :)

Such a fun night, with a such a handsome hubby.  I'm so lucky to be in love.  

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