Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hand written romantic poem

The three little kids have really enjoyed some Valentine coupon cards I had left over from the party.  They exchange them with each other and me, excited to receive what is listed on each card.  little g and S have danced in each other's arms so dang cute when the card read, "Good for a night out of dancing", while little g gave B a "romantic" poem he had written.  I've been given a card where little g is hoping to find "a batch of cookies" just for himself after returning home from school tomorrow.  He wondered exactly how many cookies were in a "batch".  I think he has had the most fun with these coupons.  He asked me several times last night if I had his romantic poem written for him after giving me the coupon.  I was busy and kept putting it off.  We was a little disappointed this morning when it still wasn't written.  But, as I had two minutes just before church started this morning I jotted this down.

Dear little g,

I have a boy,
At the age of seven.
He was sent to me
Straight from Heaven.
He's my toe head, he is.
And he treats me so dear.
Giving kisses quite often
Makes me smile ear to ear.
I love him, my little g.
I love him, I do.
Happy Valentine's day Sweetie.
I'm grateful for you.

Love, Mom

I got that cute little g smile that makes my heart melt and I wondered, "Why didn't I just do it last night?  Look at his smile and how important he feels.  I need to make a point of doing little things like this more often.  Makes us both happy."


Amy said...

That is so cute! I also need to do the small things that are important to them more often. Looks like you have been having lots of fun!

Erika said...

Oh I need to do that too! Dennis especially would love it. He's always leaving them for me!