Monday, February 4, 2013

How's your boy doing?

In September of 2011, C opened his mission call saying he would be serving in the Mexico Guadalajara Mission.  I was overcome with emotions when he read it.  Not only had we been waiting for that day his entire life, but I was so excited to tell my Latino friends that my son would be experiencing some of their culture and would someday be able to communicate with them in their native tongue.  It was very cool.

About three weeks ago, my friend Adriana's mom had been here visiting for a month and was going to return home to Guadalajara.  I sent a package back with her so that C could get a package since some of them haven't been getting to him.  I heard back that the package was delivered to the mission office safely and it would just be a matter of time for him to get it.  I was happy.  Yay, my son would receive some mail.  :)

Just four days later, I got a text from my friend saying that her mother had just SEEN Elder Loveland at the church and that he was doing well and spoke Spanish perfectly.  I had the hugest smile on my face!!  And not only that, we would be having dinner with her sister that Sunday evening.  Could that be true?

My mind raced back almost seventeen months ago when I first heard C open his mission call.  I never dreamed that he would actually see family members or even eat at their homes.  My heart is so full and I'm so grateful.  C sent this picture today of him with my friend's family there in Guadalajara.

Going to bed happy knowing that C is doing well, that he has the language down, that he is happy and confident, has been given good companions, loves where he is serving and that he is given tender mercies when he's needed them.  All good things when people ask me, "How's your boy doing?".

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Erika said...

That is awesome! How cool that you have a connection and they could bring a package and tell you he is doing great. I'm glad to hear it!