Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ready to whack you

I took the three big boys to the Imagine Dragons concert last night.  It was a long late night after two hours worth of opening bands before we got to the good hour and a half show that we went for.  We sang a long to all of the songs and I even saw a smile twice on A's face when the songs Radioactive and Nothing Left To Say Now were played.

Funny story....months ago I heard A jamming out to a crazy song in his bedroom.  I thought I heard the words, "Ready to whack you, ready to whack you".  I ran in there quite frankly disturbed asking or rather accusingly asking A what the heck he was listening to.  I couldn't believe my cute teenage boy was enjoying this song teaching him to whack someone.  He told me it was the Imagine Dragons.  That wasn't good enough for me even though I didn't know who they were at the time.  I wanted to know more.  I wanted to know why he was listening to a song that was so violent.  He laughed and laughed when I told him what I thought the song was saying.  Turns out, it was Radioactive, not ready to whack you.  To this day, even last night, I still sang my version of the song that makes me smile every time I hear it, "Ready to whack you". Makes me happy.  :)

A was a little disappointed that we had seats rather than on the floor where it's standing room only.  He wanted to be closer.  But I was quite content with my seat after sitting there for three and half hours with a bad, bad knee.  Stupid knee, I don't know what is wrong now.  It would have been fun to have been down there at times I suppose, like when they threw out glow in the dark beach balls, glow in the dark wrist bands, drum sticks and the lead singer swinging out over the crowd for the song, Top Of The World.  That was awesome!!  Probably one of my favorites of the night.

We sat in the parking garage for thirteen minutes listening to Imagine Dragons in the suburban excited to listen to our favorite songs from the evening, until midnight like Cinderella, where the clock struck twelve, at which point A quickly turned the iPod to the "Sunday playlist" that we listened to for another forty minutes while trying to get out of the garage.  My cute boys.  I love them.

So, we're all stoked for tomorrow when we can relive all our concert glory blaring out Imagine Dragons songs again.  They really are my favorite group right now.  They are awesome.  Go listen to the song Radioactive and tell me what it sounds like to you.

"Ready to whack you.  Ready to whack you"


Erika said...

Ha! That's crazy. I always do that with lyrics. Sounds like an awesome time!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I thought the lyrics said the same thing. Thanks to your blog I was able to find the song title :D