Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Skiing at Brian Head

The three big boys found notes in their stockings saying they would go skiing up to Brian Head with D.  They were so excited at the thought of finally going.  Something they really never thought they'd do because I'm not going down the slopes again after going in 8th grade and going straight down the hill at what seemed like the speed of light while screaming to everyone to get out of my way before I plowed them over.  And, D has said that he can't afford to get hurt and miss work.  But, I made a deal with D and it was done.

I worried and worried about D going skiing.  He's had an ACL repair, his ankles are weak and his body isn't quite the same as it was twenty years ago when he last went skiing.  But, he reassured me that it was just like riding a bike.  Sure.  (I'm rolling my eyes)

They got back from skiing tonight and said how much fun they had had.  Well, most of them.  A and G had a blast and can't wait to go another time telling me how they raced down the hill going at least sixty miles an hour.  A can even "tuck" I'm told.  It's so good I hear this afterwards.  It's strange to think they enjoy that absolutely terrifying out of control kind of thing.  We're just absolutely not related there!  J on the other hand, enjoyed himself despite being with a bunch of little kids in his ski class and having the flu.  D said he was such a trooper and sucked it up all day.  And for my D...he went down the lift one time and slept in the lodge all day down with the flu as well.  We giggled as he told me that as he was going down, he heard his leg muscles say, "What are you doing to me?"  He told me that he had wished he could have "bought" a bed in the first aid hall he was so sick.  Sorry honey, my prayers were answered.  :)  You returned home all in one piece.

So glad to have them back home and happy.

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