Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

The kids woke up this morning with evidence that the Valentine Fairy had stopped by.  Snowflakes and hearts hanging from the ceiling, strawberry milk, poptarts, and applesauces on the table, with candy and coupons left in each individual heart pillow.  The boys got coupons to their favorite places to eat while the girlies got sock monkeys that sing, "Just The Way You Are".

B came home from school with this Valentine for me.  Makes me happy.  Must be a girl thing. That's "cupid the guy that shoots arrows and hearts" on the left.
Earlier today I took down the rock wall and the girls wanted to strike a pose for me.  It was kind of cute since they were wearing their Valentine dresses.

Here's my new favorite addition to my decor this year.

D asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day this year.  I told him something that was heartfelt and romantic.  He delivered!  Twenty one red roses for every year we've been married, and one white rose for this year.  Pretty sweet.  Then.  Then.....He knows my love language is "acts of service" so he cleaned out the garage.  Like, took everything out of the two car side, swept the floor, power washed the floor and then got it all back in there nice again.  I can park in there again.  I've got such a good man I tell you.

What did I do for him?  Well, that was a tough one for me.  When we got talking about our love languages, suddenly Valentine's Day didn't seem so fun anymore.  I love making, doing and giving.  That is his last language.  So, I owe him a back rub and I'll be taking him to an 80's concert.  He has to sport a mullet.  It was part of the deal.  :)

So although I didn't do anything "romantic" in my book, it's what speaks loudly to my husband and that it was it is all about.  Happy Valentine's Day!!

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Erika said...

Looks like a blast! I love Valentine's DAy!!