Wednesday, March 27, 2013

San Diego bound

I headed to San Diego with the five littles to watch A play in a volleyball tournament in La Jolla.  We had a lot of fun.  We watched one game, too bad A was on the bench sick, and then had a BBQ with the team and their families.  Afterwards, the kids took a dip in the pool and enjoyed not being in the car.  We made a quick trip to the grocery store to buy our food for Sunday.  We got really fancy.  We got frozen burritos and taquitos for Sunday lunch and dinner.  haha

Sunday morning I took the six kids to La Mesa, where C served while waiting for his visa.  We attended the La Mesa 3rd Spanish Branch.  I thought it was great that the kids could experience a little of what their brother C, has seen and experienced the last fifteen months.  The branch president, missionaries and some of the members were so good to us.  After Sacrament meeting, Presidente Morgan came over to visit with us.  He told us that he remembered C.  He got down on the kids level and said this to them, "Most missionaries that have to go somewhere while they are waiting for their visas don't really work hard because it isn't their mission.  I want you to know that your brother, Elder Loveland didn't just wait to be a good missionary until he got to Mexico, he WAS a good missionary.  We was a hard worker, we could tell that he loved us and we loved him."  Made my heart melt.  I was so grateful for that tender mercy and that we had made the effort to seek out the branch that morning.

Later that day we headed over to the San Diego Temple and walked around.  I loved the tulips and how can you not love that temple?  It is beautiful!!

Then we went to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in Old Town San Diego.  It was awesome and the kids loved it there.  I was excited to go there after my sister had served there on her mission several years ago.  I knew nothing about the Mormon Battalion so I was curious as to why there would be a visitor center.  I loved hearing all about it.  The faith of the Saints, the vision that Brigham Young had and the sacrifices that were made.  It was a beautiful story for which I am so grateful to know now.  The kids loved sitting in the covered wagon, trying to scare me like they were going to fall from the watch tower, panning for gold, doing laundry on a wash board, making bricks and looking down a well.

That night B wondered if her tooth was finally loose enough to pull out.  I wiggled it and told her that she needed to wiggle it harder.  It was bleeding a little.  I told her, "I think it might be ready".  I didn't really know what ready was since I have NEVER pulled out a tooth.  So, I had her get me a tissue and I wasn't really sure what I was doing.  I pulled on it a little.  She just sat there.  It was gross.  Then I pulled it down and could tell that it wasn't in there very hard so I told her, "Here we go".  I pushed down a little and I had it.  I pulled out my first tooth, which was B's first tooth.  She was so excited and carried that tooth around the hotel room all night.  Fortunately, the tooth fairy remembered.  It's been awhile since she has.  B woke up to a dollar bill under her pillow and was disappointed it wasn't a quarter.  I made mental note of that for the next tooth that will be out soon.  :)

Monday morning, we headed out to Sea World.  It was such a fun day now that the kids are older.  No crying babies, no strollers, just a fun laid back day.  A was the best big brother ever, walking hand in hand with the girls, carrying them on his shoulders, volunteering to take them places.  We made it to a couple of shows, made the rounds to the animals, splurged and got pizzas for lunch, watched A get freaked out after a seagull swooped down and stole the pizza out of his hand, went on a log ride and got SOAKED, and headed home happy that we hadn't even seen Shamu.  The day was perfect despite how busy it was being Spring Break.  We were freezing driving back to the hotel so we decided that we would dry off, get dressed and head out to find some dinner.  We went to Fuddruckers thinking it would be a sit down restaurant where everyone approved of the menu on line.  We got there and you order at the counter, the menu had changed, and so we left.  Only to be chased by the manager telling us that no matter what we wanted, they would make it.  We weren't sure if that was good service or desperation.  We drove off.  :)  While watching the surrounding restaurants on line and their ratings, we headed over to a wing place.  We got there, got out of the car, walked towards it, and while laughing we all headed back to the car.  I may have mentioned that it looked like the hood and then the kids were chiming in that we would probably get killed there.  Too funny.  After that, we didn't care about ratings or stars, or trying something new, we just went to Chili's where everyone was happy.

Tuesday morning we loaded up all of our gear and headed to La Jolla Beach.  The kids weren't sure if they were going to get in the water or not because of how cold it was.  The little kids made a run for the water, while G and J began digging huge holes.  A was still recovering from not feeling well so he just laid on a towel and enjoyed watching everyone.  Well, the kids ALL loved the water.  The girls loved collecting sea shells.  G was proud of being completely covered in sand, and the boys had a blast jumping over the waves. Until....a huge California Sea Lion swam past them and then they couldn't get to the sand fast enough.  It happened twice and then they were done.  As I watched my children that day I had huge smile on my face.  I  wanted to not only drag a stick through the sand, but a huge log writing, "Joy" or "So Happy!"  The looks on my kids faces were priceless.  Everyone needs to go to the beach!  I was happy that I was there.  Happy that I was able to make the trip.  Happy that I was happy.  More on that later.  I have to back track a lot.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I saw a bunch of birds on the beach right there by us as we were leaving that looked like Sand Pipers.  They may not be, but to me they were and they were a tender mercy straight from my Heavenly Father telling me that He is aware of me and has given me tools to be happy, to find the joy and reasons to be grateful.  I was so grateful for that time with my children.  It was the perfect trip.  After a couple of hours, we loaded up once again and headed home.  My heart was full.  We had had a wonderful vacation.  I was happy and so grateful that we had been San Diego bound.


Erika said...

That looks like a blast of a trip! We love San Diego! The Mormon Battalion is awesome and the beach is so great.

tgood said...

Alright, I blame you. You have given me the CA itch... I want to go to Sea World too. And Disneyland.

BTW, when I worked at the Credit Union, the tooth fairy would come in all the time for 50 cent pieces. Most banks/credit unions carry them. Slightly bigger than quarters, and fun because you hardly see them around anymore. Also $2 bills are fun, if they get the rarity of them.