Friday, April 12, 2013

Captain America and Celia

You can imagine the horror when I found out the kids had lice last week.  But what made it even worse was when I buzzed little g's head knowing Crazy Hair Day was in just eight days.  I mean, I have a reputation to keep up.

little g didn't even want his hair done.  He must have remembered the pain and agony of other years as we try to get all the hair glue and paint out afterwards.  It's all fun and games until school is over.  haha  The boys were in disbelief that one of them would shun the thought of not going all out on Crazy Hair Day.

little g conceded when I thought of doing a Captain America shield on his buzzed head.  He ended up thinking it was awesome.

Then there was B.  My first girl for Crazy Hair Day.  Wow, that's where the reputation fell off a cliff.  I've never done more than two braids in a head before.  Try doing several braids, running wires through them and then painting them.  I had so clearly NOT estimated the time I would need on her hair.  I was going to mold those little purple snakes and put googly eyes on each one of them.  Instead, I slapped a paintbrush through her hair in a few seconds after spending two hours braiding it and we raced to the school.  I wasn't quite sure all of that effort was worth two and a half hours of kindergarten.

After picking up the kids today, they both exclaimed that they had the coolest hair in their classes/school.  So, I have to remind myself that it's to make the kids mom happy, not to keep up a reputation.  Another year done.  And mental note to self--never, I mean never do Celia braids again.  Ugly!  (Celia from Monsters Inc.)

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