Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Book of Mormon tower

Isn't this tower beautiful?

The first time I ever saw it was when I was four years old.  Our family had been driving for many hours back to visit my grandparents.  It was the landmark along with the long dirt road and the wooden fences that let me know we were almost "there".  What truly makes this tower beautiful is the fact that when I saw it, I could not believe that my grandma lived by a tower I had heard about in the Book of Mormon.  I just thought it was awesome that it was still there after King Benjamin had stood atop and talked to his people all those years ago.

As it turned out, I grew up on that same dirt road and drove past my beloved "Book of Mormon tower" thousands of times.  As I drove by it today with a friend, I pointed it out and then quickly pulled over to snap a picture.

All these years later I know that it is just a tower and that King Benjamin really didn't teach his people there. In fact, I don't have a clue what it even is or what it was ever used for.  But today, it's beautiful not only for the memory of when I was four years old, but the fact that I would instantly think of the Book of Mormon when seeing it at that young age.  That tells me that I had good primary teachers and good parents that have taught me to love the Book of Mormon from a very young age.

Grateful for my very own "Book of Mormon tower".

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