Tuesday, May 21, 2013

College way

So I got a text last night from a woman I recently met asking if I had a SUU t-shirt laying around that her daughter could wear to "College Day" today since she'll be attending there this fall.  I told her I didn't have one but I thought I might be able to find one. I made three phone calls to people that I know have gone to SUU and I found a hoodie for her to borrow.  I excitedly texted back that I was on my way to pick up a hoodie.  But...the girl felt like it would be too hot to wear a hoodie.  The woman was very appreciate and apologetic   No worries.  I told the woman that we should make one.  She laughed and thought I was kidding.

I wasn't.  I texted her last night just before 11:00 P.M. telling her that the shirt was done.  She told me that I was crazy and that she would meet me at a park.  After arriving there, we both giggled admitting we felt like we were doing some drug deal rather than passing off an SUU t-shirt.  She was grateful and liked it.  Awhile later I got a text saying that her husband wanted to pay me to make him a custom shirt.  Too funny. did I do it?  How can you have absolutely a one of a kind shirt, shorts, whatever you want item?

1.  Butcher paper.  It is awesome!!  Find a picture or font of something on the computer and trace the picture onto the dull side of the butcher paper.  I found a font I liked at  and then drew out the rest after designing it.

2.  Cut it out using tiny pointed scissors.  I use my "burn" scissors from seventeen years ago.  I'd check into the hospital again just to get some more of them.  Well, not really.  But they are great!

3.  Place the shiny side down on to your fabric and iron it.  Just press down lightly so that you are moving the iron around.  Go over it a few times just to make sure you have a great seal.

4.  Insert a flat piece of cardboard under the area that you'll be painting.  Brush on fabric paint.  Do two coats.

5.  Remove paper as soon as two minutes after painting.  There you go.  Finished.  And that's how you do "College Day" my way.  Makes me want the same t-shirt.  Maybe.  :)

(The shirt from start to finish took just over two hours.)

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