Friday, May 24, 2013

Something my grandma taught me

I made five peanut butter pies this morning for D to take to the cabin.  After burning up the mixer I still needed to whip five cups of cream.  I thought and I thought.  I decided I could try "whipping" it in the blender.  I checked it occasionally and it seemed as though it were doing a good job.  I was proud of my "figure out a way" approach to my new found problem.  I scraped out the first two cups of fluffy whipped cream and then poured in my last three remaining cups.  I um, uh, let it "whip" a little too long.  I looked in the the blender as I was pouring it out and it seemed lumpy and yellowish.  Then it hit me.  I made butter!  I giggled to myself as I thought back to when my grandma taught me that if you whip cream long enough you get butter.  So, I scraped out my butter, added some salt and spread it into a little cereal bowl.  Fortunately I had some extra cream so I did the last cup or so with a hand whisk.

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Erika said...

They were very very tasty!! We missed you too! :)