Saturday, May 25, 2013

Locked in my garage

This morning I was working away finishing my new kitchen island.  When I was done, I gathered the paint brushes and tools and headed out to the garage to put them away.  With me being by myself for the weekend while D is at the cabin with the five littles, and A is in California with some friends, I was working um, in my, uh, undies.  After putting things away in the garage I turned back to go in the house.  The door didn't open.  I had locked myself out.

Oh my heck.  I'm in my underwear, I don't have a phone on me, my family is out of town all weekend and I'm locked in my garage!!  All of the above kept running through my head.  What was I going to do?  I grabbed a nearby screwdriver and got busy trying to pick the lock.  Then I found myself talking to myself sure that a door wouldn't be so easy to pick.  I kind of giggled and thought about my story on the news a few days later.  "Woman locked in her garage for three days".  Then, it's embarrassing to admit this, but I realized I wasn't LOCKED in my garage, I was merely locked OUTof my house.  Whoo.  I knew that I had a "fix it" guy coming some that time that morning so I just had to wait until he showed up to rescue me.  I looked around knowing we had several blankets tucked away somewhere and found a huge king duvet cover that I wrapped around me.  I headed out peeking around the opening, wondering which neighbor I would go ask for help.  How far exactly did I want to walk shuffle around the cul-de-sac was really what was going through my mind.

Then I convinced myself that I wasn't that desperate just yet and I shuffled back in by the freezer.  While hiding back in the garage, I saw a reflection of my pool guy's car on the window.  I was ecstatic.  I was going to be rescued.  I waited for him to get closer and as he walked by I quietly got his attention saying, "Dave, Dave".  He looked in somewhat confused and asked, "Hey, what's going on?"  There I am in my unders wrapped in a blanket in my garage, sure that he thought I was trying to seduce him. I told him that I wasn't dressed, my family was gone all weekend and that I was locked out of my house.  (BTW, I know the pool guy other than just putting chemicals in my pool on a weekly basis)  He came in and tried to pick the lock while I tried to keep myself wrapped up and covered.  No luck.  Then I remembered that sometimes A leaves his window open.  I told him that and asked him to go check the window out back. Next thing I knew, my pool guy opened the washroom door leading to the garage and rescued me.  I was giddy and then told Dave that I was worried that he might have thought I was up to something.  I was so happy.  I was back in my house again.

So what did I learn from this exactly?
1.  Always wear some form of clothing.
2.  Keep blankets in the garage at all times.
3.  Have a spare key to the house hidden in the garage.
4.  Know when I'm really locked in or out of something.  It makes a difference.  LOL
5.  Always have a sense of humor.  It makes life fun.  :)

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Earl Mark said...

You were lucky. You could have been locked out for a much longer time. And what if it had been in the middle of winter? Personally, I think keeping a spare key hidden is a good idea. The trouble is, most people select an obvious location that all professional burglars know about. Still, determined burglars know how to pick your lock, but you don't.

Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock