Sunday, May 12, 2013

I have a be a mother

When I was in sixth grade I entered the annual Reflections contest.  I'm right brained with not a brain cell in the left and I liked to draw, so it was a given.  That year my life revolved around getting my own violin, watching/dreaming about David Acor and Jeff Barton practice basketball with my dad's freshmen team, dealing with vulgar rumors, friends and other students that were bullies, and trying to do my hair perfect like Jennifer Guymon.  

The theme for the Reflections contest that year was...  "I have a dream...."  

I don't remember if it took me a long time to decide what I would draw, but when I did, it was time to get to work.  My dream was to be a mother.  Oh sure, I wanted to go to college and be a third grade teacher just like Mrs. Jackson someday, where I could teach cursive, times tables, do amazing bulletin boards and read "James and the Giant Peach" in a plethora of voices to my students.  But, I had a great mother who taught me about being a mother and never complained about her full time job she had chosen rather than using her degree she had gotten.. 

My picture had to be fabulous.  In sixth grade eyes of course.  It needed texture which was par for the course even at that age.  I dug out some wallpaper sample books and cut out some for the walls of my dream house, then some velvety wallpaper for the carpet.  I drew my perfect looking self draped in pearls reading to my beautiful daughters with that gorgeous Jennifer Guymon hair.  I had a dream all right.  Ya, totally a dream.  Ha

I found this picture a few months ago and have been waiting to blog about it for awhile.  Many years and seven kids later, it makes me smile.  Although the world makes the job of being a mother not so glamorous, I've never known anything but.  I think I do live a glamorous life!  I am happy.  I have a husband that loves me.  I have beautiful children.  I continue to get more comfortable with myself all the time.  When I really look at the picture, I live that dream I dreamed all those years ago.  Oh, it's definitely not perfection around here, but it's a feeling of joy, an attitude of gratitude, and doing my best like I have always watched my own mother do. 

I have had a wonderful day.  A day full of meals by the boys, gifts and notes, a date by D, leading the primary children while singing Mother's Day songs, feeling beautiful, talking to my missionary, getting our annual Mother's Day pictures, and so humbled to have been given this dream I dreamed about when I was twelve years old. 

And now for our pictures.  They make me SO HAPPY!!!

I love you Mom.  Thanks for being the woman that you are, that you have always been and the woman that I
hope to be.  I have been so blessed.

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, LOVE this post! what a cute and fun mom you are!

my dream was always to be a mother, too. i told this guy that on a date when he asked me what i wanted to do and he scoffed at it. i dumped that fool. lol