Thursday, May 2, 2013

Volleyball Senior Night

So, how was Senior Night at the volleyball game?  I wouldn't know.  I wasn't ever told about it.  D and I walked into the gym last night about thirty seconds after the game started.  The gym was full and loud, streamers and balloons everywhere, and then it hit me.  It was Senior Night and we hadn't ever heard about it.

I was ticked!  I was hurt.  I felt like we looked like the loser parents by not walking in with him.  I sat there getting more worked up until I just had to leave.  If he didn't want me there and no other parents thought about sending out texts or emails or anything, I wanted no part of it.  I walked home and pouted for awhile wondering why.

Later last night, one of A's teammates dropped off his posters from the game.  I was happy with that.  This might be the only proof other than his yearbook that he played volleyball all four years of high school, and he's good!

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