Wednesday, May 1, 2013

S turns 5

After S woke up and had found her birthday presents which included a fake American Girl doll from the boys and a bike that actually fits her, she headed back up to her bed.  Next thing we knew, we could hear her saying, "I'm waiting."  Cute little girl was wanting breakfast in bed just like everyone else gets.  So, B volunteered to make breakfast.  It included ramen noodles, water and sour patch watermelon candies.  She was thrilled.  And I just ran with the whole idea of it being her birthday.  :)

I snapped a few pictures of her as a five year old.  I don't know how we ever got to this point.  There were so many days where I wondered if I was going to make it to the next hour when the girls were both babies.  Seriously.  It's always faster when looking back I guess.  I love her beautiful hazel eyes.

Then it was party time.  Her first birthday party ever.  It was a mermaid party.  The only mermaid around was the one G did on her cake which was pretty funny in itself.  (The kids all ask G to do their cakes for them.  Makes me happy.)  The kids swam and then looked for a bazillion seashells I bought at Walmart that J had hidden in the sand all around the fire pit.  Like fifteen hundred pounds of new sand that we put in yesterday.  The kids thought it was great each time they discovered another shell.  

S was happy and said that she had a good day.  I'm sure it was a good day seeing how her future husband came to the party.  We've heard about him for weeks.  She talks about marrying Easton and a couple weeks ago she ran out of preschool all happy saying she had kissed him three times that day.  He's the guy on the right.  We are so in trouble.  

S, I find myself looking at you all the time.  Trying to see if I see myself in you.  Trying to grasp the fact that I actually have daughters after all those years of only boys.  Wondering how I just recently did my last kindergarten registration.  Trying to imagine what you'll look like as a teenager, as a new bride and as a mother around my age.  You make me happy.  You bring me so much joy.  I love you S!  Happy Birthday.

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