Saturday, July 13, 2013

Driving through Nevada

Reno, Nevada was beautiful.  I told D that I could live there, even in the outskirts which were kind of country-ish.  We found the temple so that the kids could get a picture.  It's a tradition on all of our trips.  We like to find as many temples as we can.  

Then we made our way to Carson City, the capitol of Nevada.  With it being little g's birthday, a celebration was in order.  He had been looking forward to a free slurpee from 7-11 for almost a year.  Well, after driving for a lot of the day, and just wanting to get to our motel, we forgot about the slurpee.  Until, little g reminded us.  D raced across town where he had seen a 7-11 and got little g his slurpee, but with it being after (free slurpee) hours, he still got a free one since it was his birthday.  He was thrilled.  Then we did the best we could and made him a Hostess Cupcake cake with 8 candles.  

For the entire trip we were trying to find a souvenir for A.  We couldn't convince him of anything. Well, after leaving dinner he saw a Cal-Ranch store and asked if they had pocket knives.  We said that they probably did.  He and D ran into Cal-Ranch and he came out with a huge smile holding a titanium plated pocket knife.  Who knew?  haha

We visited the State Capitol Building.  As soon as we arrived S couldn't believe that we were going into a "castle".  We all got a kick out of it.  


Then we got to drive through the beautiful nothingness of Nevada.  The kids did have fun counting all the little "tornadoes" though and it was weird too how there was the craziest down pour of rain from out of nowhere!!  It was insane.  Did I mention how the drive had nothing to see?

 We did laugh our heads off at this billboard though.  Seriously?

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