Monday, July 15, 2013

Kikuchis and my pink thing

It was so much fun having my friend Robyn visit us with her three boys.  It was like there hadn't been three years between seeing each other.  The kids swam and played while she and I caught up visiting the whole time.

So, Robyn and I are the same age but I got an earlier start than her as far as having a family is concerned. Her little three year old came up to her while we were sitting by the pool and told her that he was hungry.  I asked J if he would run in and cook him a corn dog.  B overheard me and said that she would.  She quickly ran in and got him a corn dog.  Robyn looked at me with the hugest eyes and smile and couldn't believe that my five year old could cook a corn dog.  We laughed and laughed and I pointed out, "You know how you've wondered how I 'do' it?  Well, you just saw first hand!  By child number six, they are pretty independent."  lol

Before Robyn ever moved away, I would always greet them in the mornings with my "pink thing" on.  So, I had to do it for old times sake.  So funny.

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