Friday, July 12, 2013

San Fran--day 3

Lombard Street

We headed back over to Lombard Street so that I could really say I had seen it.  You know, experience the hill and all.  D parked himself along with the three big boys in the suburban on the steep hill so that it wouldn't take off, (remember D was terrified of the hills and the suburban) while I took the three littles all the way up. It was so fun and the hydrangeas, oh the hydrangeas.  They were gorgeous!!  We hiked up to the top, wish I had counted the steps, got a couple pictures of the city and walked back down.  It truly would have been a riot driving with D down Lombard street.  And my calves after that.  Oh, I could hardly walk for the next two days.  My calves killed!

We then went to Fisherman's Warf.  It wasn't exactly that easy.  D dropped us off at Pier 35 again and went to find us a parking spot.  He was gone for quite awhile as we had already arrived at Pier 39 which was quite a walk in itself.  I took the kids to Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze there at Pier 39.  We had discovered it online weeks before our vacation and the kids couldn't wait to go after loving the maze they went through last year in Rapid City, SD.  It was only $5 a person and they could spend as much time in there as they wanted or go through as many times as they could.  We wore plastic gloves and walked around with a little kid each.  It was hilarious.  You had to walk with your arms out feeling for mirrors otherwise you would walk right into a mirror.  After going through it a couple times, the kids tried to make their way through it faster and faster.  Just when we were finishing up, D arrived saying that he had found a parking spot.  We were finally off to see the Warf.

Fisherman's Warf

We walked around the warf where the girls liked seeing the "otter" and I was so excited to show them the hundreds of sea lions...that weren't there.  They were okay with it seeing how they had seen a couple in the ocean when swimming back in March.  Funny kids.  While walking around, I discovered that my camera wasn't taking any pictures.  I was horrified but knew that I had my iPad in the car for future days.  D insisted we find a camera shop and get it fixed.  There was one close by, I took it it, they dusted it so that it worked again, talked me into a wide/micro lense and I was on my way.  Happy, happy, happy.

I saw some planters that made me think of my grandma and how she taught me how to make them.  Exactly!!  Well, they did need a spike in the middle but I had to grab a picture.  :)

We made our way to Ghirardelli Square where we each received a chocolate with caramel in it.  That please the boys very much.  We left with three bags of chocolates.  White, Milk Chocolate with caramel and Dark chocolate with salted caramel.  They're pretty amazing.  While walking back to the car, I told the kids to enjoy the candy.  They were so dang cute and still do it to this day when we break out the chocolates.  They nibble on them and remind each other to enjoy them while eating them carefully and slowly.

With our chocolates in hand and having seen all that we really wanted to do that day, we headed back to the car....not really knowing where it was.  We walked and walked about three miles back to the car in a slight hurry after D told us that he had paid for a two hour slot and when he called back to pay for another two hours he was denied.  We were worried that we might have a catostrophic San Francisco ticket or our car towed away.  When we arrived at the suburban, it was ticket free and we were grateful.

We made our trip out of the downtown area ready to find some dinner somewhere, hit the pool and relax for the night since we had spent so much time walking and climbing that darn Lombard Street.  Such a fun day with the family.  It was so fun watching the big boys be so good to the girlies and little g.  They always had one on their shoulders or would be walking around hand in hand so that everyone was safe.  Have I said how much fun we had?  I can't wait to wrap this up at the end and really put all my thoughts down.  So grateful.

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