Friday, July 12, 2013

San Fran--day 4

We woke up fasting that day having prepared for it being the Sabbath with bread, peanut butter, honey, chips, fruit and drinks for dinner stashed away in our Hotel room that night for dinner.  We headed to the church building a few minutes away from our hotel to attend Sacrament meeting.  When we got there, we found out that Sacrament meeting was the last hour so we opted to run to Oakland, (D and the boys would die having to attend meetings where they are strangers) see the temple and make it back for Sacrament meeting.  When we went to cross the Oakland bridge we saw the traffic heading back to San Francisco and knew that we'd never make it back.  We decided to enjoy our time at the temple and we would attend church in Oakland.

Oakland LDS Temple

We walked around the grounds for awhile and then went into the visitor center.  The kids enjoyed looking at all of the Books of Mormon in different languages.  A was happy when he discovered the Icelandic Book of Mormon since that is his dream to serve there.  Well, it was until he heard they eat whale blubber.  Now he is opting for a safer mission like Kansas.  haha was pretty amazing how it didn't matter the language, A could always interprate 2 Nephi 2:25.  He is hilarious.

It was funny watching the girls with the flowers on the grounds.  They've obviously learned to smile with flowers because no one can seriously smile while smelling a marigold.

While looking up churches to go to, we saw wards that were in Chinese, Spanish, Figi, Samoan, Tongan, I can't remember what else, but D opted for a Spanish one since he didn't go with us to San Diego when I took the kids.  We raced around looking for that church for half an hour or so.  After checking back with the visitor center about the location of the church, we realized that we would miss the Sacrament, the real reason we attend church on Sunday and decided that Heavenly knew our intentions.  We headed home and about six that night we broke our fast with our peanut butter sandwiches.

Sometime that day, the kids were playing with little g's balls that he had gotten from Chinatown.  One had fallen out of the window of the hotel.  How does that happen??  Anyway, I overheard the boys say that the ball had fallen out and I was like, "What?"  I ran over to see the ball shattered on the sidewalk wondering how on earth I would explain to little g that his prized souvenir was now ruined and we couldn't replace it.  The boys pointed out that the ball was on a ledge of the hotel and had in fact, not dropped two stories.  G tried to climb out the window to retrieve the ball, but the window only opened a few inches for safety reasons.  A told B that she needed to go get little g's ball.  The boys tested the strength of the flooring out the window with little g's sword he had also gotten in Chinatown and had decided that it was strong enough to hold B.  Oh my heck.  So, with B getting as skinny as she possibly could, she got out the window, walked down the ledge and picked up the ball.  It was going great until I saw two people walking on the sidewalk and could only imagine the horror of them seeing a little girl standing on the roof of their hotel.  I was sure that our children would be taken from us, she would be startled and lose her balance, or we'd be kicked out of our room.  I told B to, "Get over here!!" as I yanked her to the window and dragged her body through the safety window.  Oh wow!  It turned out okay.  I had my daughter back and little g had his ball.

Later that afternoon, the kids made their own "Golden Gate Bridges" between the beds.

It had been such a good day despite being on vacation and it being a Sunday.  We were grateful that it had been a fast Sunday and that we had been fasting specifically for C and missionary work in our stake. Another great day.

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