Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Back to the Jurassic" boys camp

 G and J had seven boys attend their camp today.  It was really fun, really easy and a cinch to clean up!

Dinosaur Hunt:  We had a huge tub of dinosaurs the boys have collected over the years outside ready for the boys to pick a few each.  They hid their dinosaurs while one boy was in the house.  The boy would then go out in the back yard and he had one minute to find as many dinosaurs as he could.  After his minute was up, the boys would all go back out into the yard and retrieve their dinosaurs to hide for the next boy.  Each boy liked looking for the dinosaurs and it kept the boys involved the whole time knowing they would get to hide their dinosaurs several times.

Fossil Dig:  The boys hid over one hundred flat dinosaur skeletons that we got from the dollar store out in the sand around the fire pit.  The boys dug carefully in the sand trying to dig up the dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur trivia:  G and J were leaders of their teams for this activity.  I would read a trivia question about dinosaurs to each team.  If they got it correct, the whole team got to do a cannonball into the "volcano" aka pool.

Megladon and fish: (sharks and minnows)

Exactly how big is an Apatosaurus?  This big.  We drew it to scale so that the boys could see.

The two hours flew by and we weren't even able to so some of the activities.  We'll save them for next year. The boys did go home with packets to make a five inch glow in the dark dinosaur.


Larisa Banks - Cosmetologist/Lash Extensionist said...

So darling! You're such a fun, creative mommy! You're kiddos are very blessed to have you.

Erika said...

That looks like a blast!! My kids went to a similar camp here. It was so fun for them, so I am sure the boys who attended your camp had so much fun. Love all the ideas and creativity!