Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My tea party

The girls have had a hard time watching the boys do so many fun things with their camps, that they thought it was their turn to have some fun.  So, we had fourteen girls over for a tea party.  Cost was $10 a girl.  I had envisioned an "afternoon tea", after teaching etiquette to all the girls and having a lovely ladylike afternoon.  Well, the girls arrived decked out in their finest afternoon dress, where I had all my costume jewelry displayed for them to wear anything they wanted for the two hour period.  They had fun trying on thing after thing.  

We made Victorian fans for their craft because after thinking about it, what little girl takes two hours to enjoy her "tea"?  They were cute and the girls loved them, thing is, G, J, and I pretty much made all fourteen fans by ourselves.  That wasn't in the plan.  

Then it was time.  Time for afternoon tea and a lesson on etiquette.

What.  A.  Joke!!!  I had envisioned the girls sitting there quietly as I explained the proper etiquette for afternoon tea, and then they would quietly visit with the other girls at their table while we got their tiers prepared.  Oh no, they were all over the place, spilling their drinks, yelling, "When do we have the tea party?", eating I don't know how many sugar cubes, etc.  G and J were beyond cute and helped me the entire two hours.  They never stopped running.  We were busting out the tiers full of cucumber sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cherry scones, eclairs, macaroons, cookies, fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries, etc.  Those girls ran us ragged!!  In the corner of the kitchen, the boys would hear me mumble, "This is so dumb.  I just want this over!"  And then we'd hear from the girls, "We want more cucumber sandwiches!".  What?  What child wants cucumber sandwiches?  Oh, those girls.

The clock struck 4:00, the door bell began to ring and we were like, good riddens.  The girls walked out having had fun and were happy with their experience.  I had to keep reminding myself that the girls were happy despite it going anything like I had envisioned.  I looked at the tables and realized I hadn't had two seconds to even take a picture of my adorable tables I had set.  It was over.  The food gone.  So, I rinsed some dishes, grabbed some food from different plate piers and sort of grabbed a picture.

The boys quickly pointed out that I probably wouldn't ever do that again.  And then I quickly said, "Yes, I will.  I just learned a lot from this one.  I won't be calling it a tea party.  It will be afternoon tea where my expectations will be written out prior to arriving.  Plus, I had way too much fun shopping around for all of my dishes, tea pots, silverware, and table cloths.  Can't wait to use them again!

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