Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Loveland9 Olympic Games" boys camp

There were eleven Olympians today.  The day involved:

Running the torch.  The boys ran around the yard with a torch I had made from a toy microphone and paper as they passed it to each other.

They did the Olympic athlete oath.

Sports which included, Basketball, table tennis, soccer, track and field, (5x1 relay and long jump) swimming, and water polo.

Medals on the stand.

This camp was okay.  I told the boys that they were on their own on this one because I wasn't feeling it.  They were fine with that because it was going the be the "best" one.  It turned out to be a teaching opportunity for me.  As a parent over the years, I've learned not to ask, "Who wants to ______?"  I had to point that out throughout the two hour period.  I was able to teach them to say, "Now we are going onto our next even which will be Track and Field" rather than, "Okay, every one come over here.  Who wants to do the long jump?" while swimming.  Grateful for this experience and all the things I am able to teach the boys.

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