Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Gone Country" boys camp

Today's boy camp was so much fun and slightly hilarious.  I so wish my sister and her cowboy kids could have seen how we do country.  haha

Camp activities included:

Wanted posters:  Each boy got a bandanna and a mustache to keep and then posed with a cowboy hat in a wanted poster sign to send all of the parents.

Swim Noodle Horses:  The boys made their own horses from swim noodles.  We charged an extra dollar since they were leaving with a craft.

The Pony Express:  The boys took turns wearing a satchel filled with envelopes while riding their horses around the back yard.  They had to deliver the envelopes to the different stations as fast as they could while being timed.

Panning for Gold:  G, J, and I spray painted small rocks gold the night before the camp.  We had water, sand and the "gold" in a huge tub ready for the boys to pan for gold with pie tins.

Roping a SDEER:  That's right.  A SDEER.  You really think I have a cow laying around the garage?  I do have my buck.  Remember that?  lol  We got rope and tied it on small hula hoops that the boys tossed to rope a sdeer.  That folks was a riot!

Campfire Chili:  For our snack we threw two cans of chili in the fire pit.  Some of the boys had NEVER had chili in their lives!!  They were anxious to taste it.  The boys loved it and couldn't wait to tell their moms that they wanted it for dinner.  Or even better, for a snack!  It was so funny.  And those logs, they are the old swing set we chopped up in March that made me so happy.

Milking a Cow:  We city folk had to get pretty creative on this one and boy did we.  I had D bring some gloves home from work.  We filled them with water, tied them around the belly of our buck, poked holes in the ends of the fingers and voila.  Those city kids were milking a cow.

There's a Snake in my Boot:  The kids took turns trying to toss snakes in my boots.  If they got one in, they got to yell out, "There's a snake in my boot!"

Shooting Range:  We had a pyramid of empty pop cans on the end of the fire pit for the boys to shot down with Nerf guns.

Swim in the Lake:  The boys always enjoy jumping in the pool especially with the heat we get, so it's a no brainer that we have to fit it in somehow.

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