Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Survivor" boys camp

With our family being die hard "Survivor" fans, we had to have this one as a camp.  We were able to do things that we have watched for years.  Here's how we did "Survivor" Loveland9 style.

Tribes:  G and J had divided up the boys the night before so that they were fair as far as ages were concerned.  The boys lined up in a line with their eyes closed and one hand out.  Colored marbles were then placed in their hands to tell them which tribe they would be in.  After the tribes were decided, they received team buffs and they they went with their leaders and decided on tribe names where they each made tribe flags.

The Green Snakes and the Blue Crushers.

Building Shelters:  The boys could use anything they could find in the yard to build their shelters and they all had to fit inside of it together.  It was so funny watching the boys and what they decided to use.  Next thing I know, the boys have gone to the doll house and brought the "Home Sweet Home" sign.  Then they were gathering all the "statues" from the yard. One of the tribes won for being the largest, where the other won for being decorated so nicely.  haha Afterwards, the team that put everything BACK first won a reward for the first team challenge.

Ultimate Survivor:  We cut pool noodles in half and gave them to each boy.  The tribes started on either end of the lawn.  We blew the whistle and the boys went at it.  They were to try to hit an arm or a leg of the opposite tribe.  When they did, that  player could no longer use that limb.  If the chest or back was hit, they were out of the game.  I had to referee that game because the boys liked to claim that they didn't get hit.  We played a couple rounds.

Cracking a Coconut:  No machetes used on this one.  The boys used hammers to crack the coconuts and then held them up in the air so that the water would pour out into each of the boys' mouths if they wanted to try it.  Then they slammed the coconuts onto the pavers so that they would break and they could eat them.

Team Challenge 1:  We had fifty lacrosse balls in the center of the bottom of the pool.  Each team was on either side of the pool.  One player from each team would dive down and get one ball, swim back to the side with it and tag their teammate.  The next person would go.  Once all the balls were gone, the team with the most balls won.

Team Challenge 2:  The tribes raced each other on the following relay around the yard.  There was a "runner" between stations to involve more tribe members.
Station 1--One tribe member diving to get three torpedos out of the pool.
Station 2--One tribe member digging in a sand bucket trying to find the "lucky" penny
Station 3--Two tribe members putting together a puzzle.  If they needed help, one member could run across the yard to see the puzzle demo and then run back to help out.
Station 4--One tribe member undoing several knots to release the tribe raft
Station 5--All members of the tribe had to get across the pool on the raft without anyone falling off.

Making Fire:  We built a fire in the fire pit and the kids roasted marshmallows.

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