Friday, September 13, 2013

This is the place......BYU-I

My dad and I moved A into his apartment today in Rexburg, Idaho.  He is attending BYU-Idaho.  His roommate is a freshman from Myrtle Beach, North Carlolina and another guy in his apartment is a 28 year old student named Ryan.  He is awesome and I am so happy he is with A.  

I loved being there on that beautiful campus.  I loved experiencing college the way I wish that I would have.  I loved the spirit that was everywhere.  I loved the beautiful town of Rexburg.  I loved being able to see the beautiful temple anywhere in town.

I left knowing that it was right.  Knowing that A was in the right place and that I wanted all of my children to attend BYU-Idaho.  My eyes fill up with tears whenever I think about it actually.

I feel like Brigham Young as he saw the Salt Lake valley when he arrived with the saints declaring, "This is the place."  I'm so happy for A and so excited for C once he starts his college years in January.

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