Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wizard Costume for pictures

So one of my friends on Facebook said this the other day.  "only in october do i wish i knew how to sew. and trying to make a wizard robe this year freaks me out! wishing i could be spared the pain and agony..."    I responded that I knew someone if she just asked.  Next thing I knew, she and her son were over at my house with a sketched out wizard costume.  The ten year old had drawn it himself and had even included a key so that I knew how to create his vision.  My friend and I just laughed at the situation.  They had picked out the fabrics and piping, and had just thought I could whip out something that looked more like a Power Ranger in my eyes along with some "Wizard" arms.  Which I could...but I knew that things would be walking the halls in the school, attending trunk-or-treats, Halloween, not to mention Instagram and Facebook and lastly my reputation.  You know, the three things around here.  Halloween costumes, Pinewood derby cars, and crazy hair days.  They left the sketch and the fabrics and told me not to go buy anything but to just use what they brought me.  I giggled as they walked out the front door wondering how in the world I was going to come up with that.  She told me that she would do our family pictures for helping her out.  Done!  I was totally in at that point.  The next day I raced to the store and picked up a couple dollar pattern of what I thought a wizard costume looked like and headed home.

I cut out inserts and did top stitching, hand sewed the piping around the neck and crossed my fingers that it would get the ten year old's approval.  I had reassured the mom that it wouldn't look like the sketch but it would look good.  I sent a text to my friend two days later saying that she could bring her boy over to visit me.

The moment of truth.....He was ecstatic!  He loved it.  It was perfect.  I was relieved beyond belief.  Check. Wizard costume made.  Hello family pictures in December when my big boys return home from a two year mission in Mexico and a first semester of college.  A great trade I think.

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Megan said...

Nice Job! You are the kindest person I know.