Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blue distressed dresser

I had a little black dresser in the hall downstairs and I felt like I wanted to update it a little and move it to the other corner.  I had a friend come over and put in a new outlet so that I could put a lamp there.

I spray painted it gold and then did a coat of blue over it.  I quickly took some sand paper and scuffed it up a bit until I liked the look.  Then I used my "weathered gray" stain over it to make it not quite so blue.

I added some legs so that it made it more of a piece of furniture rather than a cheapo dresser. And the cute drawer pulls don't hurt it either.

Made a huge difference and I am so happy with it.

1 comment:

Larisa Banks said...

Love it! You're so talented for so many reasons!