Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hidden broccoli

I remember being a kid and not liking some things served at dinner.  I ended up sitting at the table a long time until the food was "gone".  Oh, I had some tricks alright.  Spread the food around until it looks like just crumbs left.  Act like you're wiping your face clean and spit out a huge clump of food into the napkin. When no one is looking, put your food underneath your plate and smash it hoping it will adhere to the plate while walking over to the kitchen sink.  Yip, those were my tricks.

Now, I know some of my siblings had a few of their own tricks that I got blamed for, but heck, I only wish I was as genious as them.  I guess my mom found elk in the hamper once.  I'd try that one today if I ever got served that again!

Anyway....I found a piece of week old broccoli under the kitchen table today.  No one claims it.  I think it's funny.  I mean, really funny.  Who every it was, they are so my child.  Haha

And that ugly table there, is my latest find at the Salvation Army so it'll soon by my next project.  I'm thinking of doing it in a weathered gray.  Should be pretty.

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