Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day the small town way

The kids and I headed out of town to spend the weekend with my parents.  I just wasn't feeling it as far as my Veteran's Day breakfast was concerned.  I wanted to do something more intimate with my dad, a Veteran himself.

After arriving, I quickly ran over to my sister's house where I had gotten several things to make badges to wear on Veterans Day.  We assembled them and were ready to wear them the next day.

After breakfast my parents and I agreed to go to the Veteran Memorial Park there in town.  I wanted to see it. I wanted my children to see it.  When we arrived at the park, a program was just beginning.  I stood there with my children as I watched many veterans including my dad salute the flag.  We heard songs, and thoughts, and heard the 21 gun salute.  We had a moment of peace for the fallen veterans.  It was beautiful.  I had given my dad his hat to wear that day if he wanted to.  Other vets were wearing hats, or uniforms.  One old veteran had a hat saying he was an ex prisoner of war.  We walked around the different memorials and I saw many family members names.  I was proud of them and their service.  I had explained to the kids that this was a place of reverence and respect.  They were good and just walked around watching, listening, and experiencing what I wanted them to. We got a picture of us with my dad by the Vietnam Memorial since it was that time when he served.

Later that day, we met my parents for lunch along with my siblings to surprise my dad.  We didn't want to embarrass him, but to honor our very own hero.  I wanted all of my brothers and sisters to remember him.  We had a nice lunch and then we headed home.

While driving away I reflected on our day.  The program at the park, the kids excited to wear their badges, flag lined streets, and lunch with my dad, my hero.  For SO many reasons!  I love you Dad.  Thank you for being who you are, what you stand for, what you have always stood for, being a great example of patriotism.

So grateful we made the trip to celebrate Veterans Day the small town way.

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