Thursday, April 10, 2014

YW 80's night

For girls camp this year the theme is, "Now is the time to come unto Christ".  Every ward was given a time period.  We were assigned the 80' and I couldn't have been more excited.  I'm totally an 80's child.  :)

We decided that we would have a camp kick off activity for the girls and their moms to introduce the theme, our decade and what was in store for girls camp this year.  I was determined to go all out and look just like I did in high school.  I scored at Kmart that day buying myself a large tee shirt that I could roll the sleeves, jelly bracelets, bright socks to scrunch down, big pink earrings, flats that I would have worn, a huge belt to finish it off and of course aerosol hairspray.  Next thing.....high school hair complete with "wings".

I ran upstairs all giddy telling the kids that I would be down in "awhile".  I curled every ounce of hair, teased, sprayed, pulled out the hairdryer, got my outfit on and walked down the stairs like my prom date was waiting for me.  It was so much fun.

I had J take pictures of me and he kept saying, "Whoa, you look just like your pictures!"  Couldn't have made me happier.  So, I went to young womens and had the time of my life showing the girls what small town Utah hair looked like in the 80's.

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