Sunday, May 11, 2014

My angel mother

Dear Mom,

Because of you I like to smile and always laugh a lot.  I remember sitting in church and  you telling me the importance of having a pleasant look on my face.  I find myself having that same look you once told me about.  I love your beautiful smile and am grateful that I have the same one.  After all, D has said that my smile is the most beautiful decoration in our home.  I love how we laugh our heads off when our family is all together. 

Because of you I find so much joy in singing, or playing the violin and piano.  I know I was a tough student whether you were trying to teach me how to read the alto line when I was 12 in church, or making me practice the piano and violin when I didn't like it.  But I remember distinctly the phrase that I heard many times, “Someday you’ll thank me”.  Now I love sight reading the alto line and am confident in doing so.  I love being able to sit at the piano and play whatever I want.  And to think the violin was an instrument I never wanted to play and then ended up being what defined me for so many years.  Thank you.

Because of you I tell the truth.  I remember you telling me on many occasions while growing up that you “will never lie to me”.  I thought it strange because we’re taught to be honest and not lie.  But being a mother now I tell myself my children the same thing and realize that you always being honest was one of the greatest things you could have ever given me. 

Because of you I love being creative.  I took mental notes all growing up as I saw your creativity with your paintings, pretty hand writing, beautiful yard, beautifully decorated home, crafts, sewing, and making all things look lovely. 

Because of you I love the temple.  You and dad were such great examples of going to the temple every month.  I knew it was important to you so I had a desire to go there someday.  On my wedding day I cried as I walked through the front doors of the St. George temple for the first time, grateful that I was finally able to enter.  I love parking in front of my temple when I go and just sitting there for a bit admiring Angel Moroni.  I have felt the prayers you have offered on my behalf from your serving in the temple.  I love going out of our way on whatever family trip we go on to find a temple.  It has become a tradition.  I’m grateful my family can be mine for eternity.

Because of you I can do a lot with a dollar.  I don’t know anyone that has done a better job with their money and their means than you.  You are the perfect example of provident living.  I've learned how to be frugal, how to work, how to be self reliant, how to serve, how to “make do”, and how to be happy with what I have. 

Because of you I've enjoyed living other places.  I appreciate how you were excited for us to move to Kentucky.  You were wise in supporting us to move away to better our future.  Because of the fact that you had lived far from home before, you could see that we/you would okay with distance between us.  I have learned to love being on my own, making new friends, needing my ward family, and seeing many parts of the country.  People ask how I feel about my oldest now living in Mississippi and I can honestly say that I am so happy for them.  Being away from family has made me independent, stronger, able to serve, the opportunity to teach my children to be tolerant and love diversity, strengthened my marriage and made me happy.

Because of you I wasn't alone when I needed someone the most.  Mom, I’m so grateful that you were able to come help my family when I was burned.  Even more than the physical help I’m grateful that you were able to be there emotionally for me.  I was so alone because of circumstances and I don’t know if I would have gotten through it all without talking to you like I did.  I’m so grateful that we experienced that together although my heart ached knowing you would see me for the first time in the hospital.  you shouldn't have had to see your daughter like that.  I’m so grateful for the women that we became because of it.  You’ll never know what it meant to me. 

Because of you I am happy.  Not once did I ever hear you complain about not having more or having to do less.  You were happy with what you had.  I never saw you offended or let hurt feelings carry on.  You were positive, encouraging, grateful, humble, the mom with the pleasant look on her face.  I have been given the best tools to be happy with whatever situation.  I have been given the gospel.  I have a family that loves to be together like best friends.  I have always had enough no matter what phase of life I've been in.  I am grateful and thankful.

Abraham Lincoln was quoted saying, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.”  I feel the exact same way.  I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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