Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The High Roller

I have a couple nieces with me this week so we made a trip to Vegas to see the High Roller Ferris Wheel.  We had heard about it so my kids were excited to go see it.  It's down at the Linq which is a really cool area with shops and restaurants.  The kids each got a cone at "Sprinkles" and posed in front of the High Roller.  Doesn't look as big as it brags.......
I had heard that it was $29-$35 to ride it per person.  So the kids knew we were simply going to see how tall it was.  While walking to get our ice cream, we saw a little sign that had summer time special on it.  It said that adults were only $16.95 and two kids were free.  I decided to go inquire seeing that this actually might be a possibility.  Next thing I knew, we were walking right onto our pod after spending around $17 total for all eight of us.  What a fun surprise for all of us.  ALL kids twelve and under are free and I got another deal to get G free as well.

We're on our way up.  Not sold yet as to how tall this thing really is.

 Okay, so that's pretty cool.......
 What the?  Ya, it's ginormous.

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