Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mom, I want to see you.

There's something about having your twenty something boy telling you he wants to see you.  Okay sweetie, we'll hop in the car and be right there.  Actually it was something kind of like that. The kids and I made a trip up to see he and A over Labor Day weekend.  On our way up we went to the Ogden temple open house.  I loved that my kids were able to go inside another house of the Lord.  I want them to learn to love the temple as I do.

We were able to help C and A move apartments while we were there.  I had fun helping them get it put together and arranging things in their living room.  We did a little shopping while we were there and were able to pick up some lamps, a little table, a throw, some little decor pieces, etc.  They were happy with what we were able to do.

I'll be honest, it was weird being in A's town that he had just left and we knew nothing about it.  No friends, no nothin'.

The kids were excited to be in Big Judd's country again so we just had to go there.  G thought he was old enough to go for the pounder burger.  It was hilarious.  Seriously.  So stinkin' funny.  They always start out with a smile and a proud pose with their enormous burger.

Everyone is enjoying their lunch and happy to be there.

Things are changing though.  What once was cool, is now force fed because I refuse to waste my money on an uneaten monstrous burger.  You want a pound burger?  I'm going to make sure you eat that thing!  So, with every bite, there was a mouth full of drink to wash it down.  It became more difficult and you could tell that he was on the verge of puking.  We were cheering him on, encouraging him, and I may have said we won't drive away until it was gone.  

And then, he did it.  He had eaten the disgusting one pounder of a huge burger from Big Judd's.  It was all about the bragging rights I found out afterwards.  

I don't know what the fascination is with back rubs but I was in hysterics watching at Big Judd's of all places.

It was interesting all ten of us in their tiny two bedroom apartment.  We were everywhere.

We made a trip or two to D.I. and found some fun onesies.  

We went up to the Rexburg temple for pictures and I love the view from there.  

We headed over to Idaho Falls and got to see their temple too.

C and A let each of the kids pick out their own box of ice cream for their birthday presents for that year.  The kids thought it was great.  Too bad it was like the night before we left so C and A had a whole lot of ice cream left.

It was a fun trip with the kids and I'm glad we got to do it with A before he leaves on his mission.  I hope I get another call saying, "Mom, I want to see you."

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