Sunday, January 15, 2017

A historical meeting

For the last week, my family, friends and I have been speculating about upcoming ward or stake changes after being invited to a special Sacrament meeting held this morning for four wards in our Anthem Stake and two from the Green Valley Stake.  Then the rumors were flying around.  The kids were hearing things, my friends were hearing things, and we were constantly drawing lines and scrambling wards in our heads along with names of wards and possibly another stake.

This morning was a historical meeting.  I wasn't necessarily anxious about it, but I did worry about my ward and the changes that might possibly come.  This ward has become our family, so much so, that little g told me that himself this past week.  Our ward is amazing.  We have the best leaders and such stalwart members.  They have helped raise and teach my children.  I have four Eagle Scouts because of the wonderful men that donate their time and believe in the program.  I have two returned missionaries.  I have future missionaries that have strong testimonies of the gospel.  I have wonderful friends that I love and I know love me and my family.

We raced to the stake center early this morning making sure we had a good seat for the big news.  We ended up on the front row.  It was probably better that way.  I couldn't see anyone behind me or see all the people that I would no longer see every Sunday.

J. Hadley of our Stake Presidency stood and commented about this historical meeting.  He then spoke to those not of our faith that might be there visiting, about the changes that were going to take place and that "our number one reason for being there was partaking of the Sacrament, our highlight of the week".

I quickly asked myself if partaking of the Sacrament was the highlight of my week?  Of my weeks?  Just last night I bought a tea cart and two chairs to fix up for the girls afternoon tea photo shoot.  I was so excited about them and thinking of all kinds of ideas for the pictures or what might be on the cart and which dishes I would use.  I thought back to other weeks and how fun it had been to have the boys home for Christmas, or Christmas morning together.  The Spirit quickly taught me that those things are of the material nature.  But as I have come to learn more and more about the Atonement, and my love for the Savior, I should crave and look forward to the opportunity of taking the Sacrament.  It changed everything .  The other things could make me happy or fill my time, but having the privilege and opportunity to hear the Sacrament prayers and partake of it, would no longer be the same.  I would look forward and know that there would be a highlight every week.  How could that not make me happy?

President D. Gates stood up and then turned on his power point for us to look at as he showed us the new ward boundary lines.  There was to be a new stake formed, and those of us there, would form the new stake.  The Henderson Nevada Carnegie Stake.  We would be saying goodbye to our Anthem Stake of 15 years.  Although we neighbor and have such good friends in the newly named Anthem Hills Stake we leave the following wards behind.  Summit, Anthem, Seven Hills, Inspirada, Madeira, and Amador wards.  Our Desert Valley ward lost the 'Rock Pile' and South Fork on the other side of St. Rose.  It was a blow to hear, seeing how there is so much strength and leadership over there.  But I sat there knowing we would be okay.  The Spirit had testified to me that we would be when President Gates had spoken earlier about the size of wards and stakes and how it gives the members opportunities to grow.  S was a little concerned before the announcement, but I was able to put my arm around her and told her that I knew we would be okay because the Holy Ghost told me so.  She looked at me and trusted me.  It was a special moment.  Other wards had boundary changes and new Bishops put in.  Our new Carnegie Stake that will be official next Sunday when we meet as Anthem Stake one last time, now consists of:  Desert Valley, St. Rose, Carnegie, Paseo Verde, Arroyo Grande, South Point, and Shadow Canyon.

Driving home I thought about what a skeleton ward we now have.  But then I realized once again, that the Spirit had testified to me that we would be okay.  That our ward would now give others opportunities to grow as leaders, more opportunities to serve and to grow spiritually as a ward.  Our family is fine.  The Spirit has helped each of us.  I am so grateful for this historical day and the things that I was able to learn.

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