Saturday, May 8, 2010

As of lately

As of lately I have...

1. Made several trips to Lowe's for dirt, flowers and shrubs. My backyard is becoming beautiful. Yippee. My nails on the other hand, looked like pure yuckness so I went and got a mani/pedi today.

2. Officially become a volunteer in the burn unit in my local hospital. I want to say that I'm excited about it, but that doesn't seem right since it means that I'll be working with others that have to go through that horror. I think it will be for me as well as for the patients. I have to admit, I am worried that I may become anxious after seeing what I'm about to see. I'll ask D for priesthood blessing. I know I'll be okay.

3. I found out yesterday that I'll be running the St. George Marathon in October. I'm so excited yet I'm wondering what the crap I've gotten myself into. I had this crazy idea in the last four years that I wanted to run one before I turned 40. That leaves just a year and a half. My siblings and I were laughing and talking about running this one a month or so ago. Somehow the peer pressure kicked in and I was giggling and saying, "I'll do it!" So, I've been running for a week and a half now. I really don't know if I can do it. But it's one of those things that I need to prove to myself that I can do something that's difficult. That's not my personality!

4. My baby is two years old now. How did that happen? I don't miss the baby stage just because she's too much fun. I do have mixed emotions though about her getting older. If she gets older and I never have another baby, we all get older and I'll never be the young family again. It's a weird thought seeing how I've been a young family for seventeen years now.

5. We had Derby Pie and Mint Juleps last Saturday. It was the Kentucky Derby. Did you remember? Our day was CRAZY busy so we had our derby celebration at around 10:00 P.M.

6. Cinco de Mayo was food from a little authentic Mexican restaurant this year. Way too busy to do anything myself this year. It was yummy though.

7. I got word from two family members this week that they'll be moving here soon. How exciting!

8. My sister-in-law's good friend just got his mission call to my parents' mission. That's so awesome!

9. I was asked if I worked. I responded, "no". Then she asked me if I was RETIRED? My eyes may have popped out of my head. Are you kidding me? The lady in front of me was told that she didn't look old enough to have four grandchildren, and I was asked if I was retired. I remember thinking it was bad when someone asked me if my babies were my grandkids, and now, NOW, I'm asked if I'm retired!! That's it!!

10. D and I have some of the best moms around. I love you!

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LeAnne said...

You don't look near that old. You look great for your age Way to go with your running. Good luck in your marathon. You rock!