Monday, May 10, 2010

For moms, from my kids

So, with my mom being on a mission and absolute procrastination on my part, we had nothing for either mother on Mother's Day. So, I made, yes made, NO ONE volunteered on this one, the kids go outside to write out a note. Use your imagination. It was like pulling teeth.
I do have to say though, one think absolutely cracked me up!! As I was helping g and j make a heart, g lost it screaming, "you're making me feel gay! I don't like that a lady tried to make me be gay today!" What the heck? I can still laugh my head off at that. My siblings kids don't even know what the word is. lol I'm not sure if it was the fact that they had to touch hands, point their toes, or do a heart. I love it. he he he
Well, it's supposed to say, "I love MOM".


aunt jan said...

And finer boys have never spelled those letters in my recent memory! Funny. And as an older mom with uncooperative boys, I "get it." At 23 and 18 two of my boys wrote me a mother's day card. It brought me to tears simply because I don't hear such sentiments from them. But we don't do what we do to get pats on the back. We do it because who else would raise them?!!

Amy said...

Love it!!

Kim said...

Welcome aboard! I'm glad you're joining us for 1000 moments. I look forward to seeing your posts.