Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spring time at the cabin

We braved the cold temperatures that were forcasted and went to the cabin over the weekend. Thing is, we're like the worst packers in the world. The boys showed up in their shorts and without jackets of any kind. Seriously?

The kids had fun exploring, working on their forts, roasting starbursts, finding horny toads, and drinking all the pop they wanted. The joys of going to the cabin.

We made our usual doctors visit while we were there. S's elbow was dislocated again and both the girls had ear infections. It was quite the trip to the quick care, but we were grateful that help was close by.

The kids watched "The Sound of Music" both ways of the trip. It was a blast hearing them belt out the words to some of the songs. That really is the best movie of all time!

The kids enoyed the snow and the dead porcupines on the way down the mountain. I had to push them out of the car for picture sake, but then they had fun while there. I'm always looking for my 1000 moments of joy. It's been great. When I'm looking with a camera in hand, I see them all the time, just like when I read the Book of Mormon with a red pencil in hand. It's amazing.

I was miss all natural seeing how D had my makeup in his car on the way home, and I didn't want to break out the hair straightener today. I found my new favorite spot for pictures. I'll make sure I'm decked out next time I drive by there.

A was Mr. Photographer while in the car on the way home. I figured, "Hey, have some fun". So, I was a dork and threw a couple of poses while driving.

It was a good time. A quick trip. And now, glad to be home. Now we can enjoy our Taco Time sauce that we bought a case of on the way there. It's a food storage staple. It makes everything taste better. :)


The Payne Family said...

Looks like fun (minus the snow)! You are so much fun. I'm glad that we live in the same town.

tgood said...

Sad we missed you guys this time! We're FINALLY going to make an appearance at the cabin this year!! It's about freaking time! Hopefully the snow will be gone by time the 4th rolls around...

Cheri said...

taco sauce?? you make me laugh!!

Erika said...

It was a fun time! Glad we got to see you... and your shots look great! I only took exactly 3 pictures and they are all of Squire asleep on the tire swing...