Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Mother's Day?

I should be posting "Happy Father's Day" but seeing this picture, sure made it a Happy Mother's Day. Oh I love that man, the father of my children. He just eats those girls up. Seeing him cute with all the kids today and getting pictures of them sure made me happy. Go here to see the others.

To my own dad, Happy Father's Day! Thanks for always being the dad that I was proud of. Proud to be the daughter of. Proud of the last name that I grew up with. Thanks for all that you've done for me. Thanks for all that you continue to do. Thanks for serving a mission and adoring mom. I've been so blessed to have you around the last thirty eight years as my dad. I know the students in your mission that you're serving need you. They're the lucky ones right now. Lucky to know MY dad! I'm grateful for the man, dad, husband and grandpa that you are. I love you dad. Te amo.

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