Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be good to him

Today as I sat in the waiting room at my Podiatrist's office, I over heard a woman in a wheel chair being terribly rude to her husband or who ever it was with her. She used her normal voice and kept telling him what to do, demanding this and that, wondering why he always wore holey shirts, why he made phone calls while she was in the bathroom, ordering him to do this and that, telling him to "stop it" when he was pushing her, and the list goes on and on. I just sat there getting more and more upset as I watched her mistreat him. He was being so good to her and had such a calm disposition.

In the middle of all this I noticed another gentleman turn his head to bite his tongue. I could read his mind and knew we were thinking the same thing.

After hearing my name to go back to my room, I stopped by her and in a quiet voice told her that he was being good to her and that she needed to be good to him. I told her that I was very upset after watching how she had mistreated him and then told her once again to be good to him. As I walked away I overheard her say, "I'm in pain". The thought came to me, "Lady, I've delivered six children, had knee surgery and had 15% of my body burned yet I wasn't ever rude to anyone. Lay off the excuses. You are a witch!" I left shaking and crying.

I got to my room where my entire body continued to shake and I couldn't stop crying. It was one of those instances where you're in disbelief. My doctor came in of course worried that my toe was on the brink of explosion. I reassured him that my toe was doing much better after my cortisone shot two weeks ago.

As I left the doctor's office I was proud of what I had done. Did it make a difference? I'll never know, but at least I took a stand. Must be that whole "aging" thing. It's wonderful. :)