Sunday, September 26, 2010

They came to see me

This last Friday I had my grandparents and an aunt and uncle come stay the night. It was so fun hosting them. I wasn't sure if my grandparents would ever see where I lived and all that I've done to our home and yard the last few years. I was anxious to show them our garden. After all, they are QUITE the gardeners!! Our garden boasts a couple dozen jalepenos. It's a start.

They were cute and very gracious. I was happy to have my aunt and uncle stay with me. Our family stayed at their house every summer when we used to go school shopping. They were always so good to our family. I remember staying in a huge teepee in their backyard once.
Thanks for coming. You're always welcome to stay.

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Cheri said...

When Grandma was up this way last she said she would be staying at your house but then quickly added "but don't say anything to her because I haven't asked yet." I thought that was so cute.

It also made me tear up a bit to think Grandma still has things she wants to do before she dies.

love that lady!

thanks for having them. My mom said she had a great time.